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We are a family oriented martial arts school.  We specialize in training our students to become better citizens one black belt at a time.  Our art style is Tang Soo Do. Tang Soo Do is a Korean martial art which teaches empty hand and foot techniques, fighting forms, self-defense, and weapons. At it's core however; Tang Soo Do's style is used to promote a healthy and harmonious lifestyle. This ancient martial art traces its lineage back 2,000 years to the Korean peninsula. The benefits of learning Tang Soo Do is the betterment of your mind, body, and spirit and the development of individual character and respect for others.

Tang Soo Do has a varied background in it's creation as a martial art style.  The word “Tang” refers to the T’ang Dynasty of China, which reflects the shared cultural heritage between China's southern Shaolin style and Korea's cultural interpretation of that style. “Soo” means hand, but implies fist, punch, strike, or defense. “Do” means Way of Life or Art. Thus, Tang Soo Do is a Korean Martial Art, legendarily influenced by the T’ang method of martial arts that originated in China.


Master Bailey is the Master Instructor for our schools.  He is ranked Sah Dan (5th Degree Black Belt). He is a Certified Master Instructor with the World Tang Soo Do Association (450+ and over 180,000 members worldwide). His teaching experience ranges from instructions of entry level student of all ages, to taking students to their black belt and beyond.  Master Bailey has been instructing and training for over 28 years.

Fun Facts about Master Bailey
- Favorite Class activity: Forms
- Favorite Form: Sword Form #3
- Favorite WTSDA Attitude: "When you learn new techniques, learn thoroughly the theory and philosophy as well."

Keith Bailey

Mr. Bailey (not related to Master Bailey) is the Chief Instructor at the Fire Dragon Karate Cedar Park location and is currently ranked E Dan (2nd Degree Black Belt - Kyu Sah Nim) with the World Tang Soo Do Association. He started his WTSDA training in 2008 with his then 9 year old son who has also obtained the rank of 2nd Degree.  Over the years, Tang Soo Do has evolved from being a hobby to a way of life.  Mr. Bailey is a Type 1 diabetic and has used his martial arts training to support his approach to managing his disease and challenge his limits.  As part of his martial arts training he has a focus on physical fitness and nutrition.

Fun Facts about Mr. Bailey
- Favorite Class activity: Forms and Sparring 
- Favorite Form: Naihanchis

- Prefers a hike in the mountains over a day at the beach.

- Native Austinite and graduate of The University of Texas.

Ryan Moore

Mr. Moore is the Chief Instructor at the Fire Dragon Karate Round Rock location, and currently ranked Cho Dan (1st Degree Black Belt - Bo Kyu Sah Nim) with the World Tang Soo Do Association. He and his family joined our school in 2011 and since then, his wife and 3 children have all become active members. In addition to being a certified instructor with the WTSDA, Mr. Moore has Master's degree in Education and previously taught in Round Rock ISD.

Fun Facts about Mr. Moore
- Favorite Class activity: Sparring
- Favorite Form: Sip Soo
- Favorite WTSDA Attitude: "When you feel idle, try to overcome this."
- Prior Martial Arts Experience: I trained in Moo Dok Kwan Tang Soo Do as a youth


Our Leadership Team is made up of the top students within our school.  Membership is by invitation only based upon performance, leadership qualities, and adherence to the tenets of Tang Soo Do's core belief system.  Leadership Members include Black Belt holders as well as senior Gups.  Their goal is to help the student body on their paths to gain their Black Belts as well as build upon their own personal growth towards upholding the Fire Dragon Karate's vision for a family friendly school that  develops top quality martial artist and citizens.  Leadership Members have a number of responsibilities and benefits.  More information can be found here.


We have two locations.

Fire Dragon Karate I

Cedar Park:

Twin Lakes YMCA

204 E Little Elm Trail

Cedar Park TX 78613



Fire Dragon Karate II

Round Rock:

Chasco YMCA

1812 N Mays St

Round Rock TX 78664

Classes are held Monday and Wednesdays in our Cedar Park location.

Tuesday and Thursday in the Round Rock location.

Class schedules are:


5:50 pm to 6:20 pm Little Dragons

(children 4-8 yrs)


6:30 pm to 7:15 pm Beginner Class

(8- adult, White to Orange/Green belts)


7:15 pm to 8:00 pm  Intermediate Class

(all ages, Green belt to Brown/Red Belt)

8:00 pm to 9:00pm  Advanced Class

(Red and higher as well as adults)

NOTE: Students should arrive 10-15 minutes early to stretch and warm up.



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