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Our Leadership Team is an experienced group of martial artists within our school.
Membership is by invitation only from amoung the ranks of our students.  Leadership
Members are Black Belt holders and senior Gups who help the student body on their
path to Black Belt and uphold the Fire Dragon Karate vision for a family friendly school developing
top quality martial artists and citizens.  Leadership Members have a number of
responsibilities and benefits as listed below.  The first step in joining this select group
is to let us know of your interest in joining the Leadership Team.

Benefits include:

  • Being allowed to wear special Leadership Team uniforms.  These uniforms are
    designed to visually set you apart and let others know you are part of a special team

  • 20% off all personal use purchases from Fire Dragon Karate

  • 1 extra dedicated class per month

  • Advanced curriculum to enhance your instruction and leadership growth

  • Special training (such as stick, knife, staff, advanced one step, Hapkido, nunchuka, etc)

  • Black Belt goal education

  • Exposure in Region IV

  • Personal character growth opportunities



It's not just cool uniforms and magic ninja tricks though.  There are required responsibilities for each member. 


Responsibilities include:

  • Learning and exhibiting proper protocol and etiquette at all times.  Leading by example is a primary trait of each member.

  • Must help in at least 3 other class nights per month.  

  • Must help in at least one Gup Test and one Little Dragon test during each quarterly testing cycle.

  • Must participate in some manner on Demo Team (once established).

  • Attend at least 3 Regional events per year.  One must be the Regional Tournament
    and one must be our local tournament.

  • Each person will be assigned studio duties specific to them.


Accepting this invitation is a long term commitment to your growth in Tang Soo Do and
to our studio, so keep that in mind if you choose to accept this opportunity.  We would
not extend the invitation if we did not believe you are ready and able for it.

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