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Grandmaster Shin wrote a series of six volumes that are an encyclopedia of Tang Soo Do.  These are designed to help students in development with us.  Here is a description of each:


Vol. I: The Essence. Includes philosophy, meditation, basic hand and foot techniques, Stances, terminology.


Vol.II: The Basics. Terminology, Basic and advanced hand and kick techniques. This book includes all the Hyungs (forms) required from beginner to Black Belt. Sae Ki Hyung 1-3, Pyung On Hyungs 1-5, Bassai are presented. Each form has the history, background information, founder, moves/counts, photos, stance diagrams, Korean names and English descriptions for each movement.


Vol. III: The Dae Ryun. All 30 hand and kick 1-steps. 30 Self-defense techniques. 1, 2, and 3 step sparring, free sparring, and fighting theory. More terminology.


Vol. IV: The Advanced Hyungs. WTSDA forms from Cho Dan Bo to Third Degree Black Belt. This book also includes Nihanchi Cho Dan, Sip Soo, the three staff (bong) forms, and the knife (Dan Gum) form. More terminology and history.


Vol. V: Instructor’s Manual. The goals of TSD teaching, how to teach, psychology, learning theory, practical information about how to run classes for all ages, first aid, studio information.


Vol. VI: The Master’s Training Text. Six Master level empty hand forms, three Sword forms, the Cane form, Ki Gong and Ki Gong forms, history and philosophy. This volume was completed and published just prior to Grandmaster Shin’s death.



Traditional Tang Soo Do Books 1-6

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  • Traditional Tang Soo Do Books 1-6

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