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WTSD Approved!


Welcome to Fire Dragon Karate located in Cedar Park and Round Rock, Texas!

We invite you to come join us! Tang Soo Do is a form of Karate. Come join our Tang Soo Do martial arts family at either of our schools that best suits your convenience. We have classes for ages 4 and up. Come join us!

Here are some of the benefits of training with us:

  • A family oriented training environment.
  • A great way to put that spark in your day.
  • Increase your endurance.
  • Enhance your concentration and discipline.
  • Increase your flexibility.
  • Improve your mental and physical coordination.
  • Lower your cholesterol, avoid diabetes.
  • Improve your muscle tone.
  • Get in shape and stay in shape.
  • Amaze your friends and confuse your enemies.
  • Build your confidence.
  • Build strength, speed, and agility.
  • Greater physical and mental discipline.
  • Learn history and philosophy of a traditional
    style of martial arts.